We’ve been breeding Labradoodles and Goldendoodles since 2003. Over the years, as the Labradoodle Ranch has grown and established our breeding program, we committed to NEVER allow our dogs to experience “Chain link and concrete”. Not that chain link and concrete is inherently evil, we simply chose to take another route in our path to breeding quality Labradoodles and Goldendoodles. This commitment required us to grow our Ranch more slowly and in a unique way.

How we started in 2003

You see, each of our breeding dogs are members of loving families, living in a home with people, warm love, and care. We breed our dogs carefully and thoughtfully one at a time, to raise the pups with individual care and love. Each litter of pups are born in our home, where we dwell. The pups are raised in our house with the sights, sounds and smells of a human dwelling and family activities. This makes our pups most socialized to human contact. The pups are held and played with every day from the moment of birth and are most trusting when held in human arms. This makes these puppies more attuned to human instruction and training. All they want to do is please people. For these reasons, we can say with confidence that our puppies, from the Labradoodle Ranch, are just about the best puppies that can be found that are specifically socialized for intimate family life.

Our puppies are guaranteed against any life-threatening genetic defect, for a period of two years from the day you take home your puppy. We care about our puppies and believe we are sending you home with a healthy genetically sound puppy. We will offer the replacement value to anyone who has a puppy of ours that is not healthy due to life-altering genetic reasons. In order to execute any replacement or settlement the said dog will be seen by a Veterinarian or specialist of our choosing at the Owners’ expense.

We recognize that you may not want to surrender a doodle you have already grown to love so we try to work with you, under a Vet’s advice to make a settlement as fair as we can, up to the purchase price of your puppy.