Two different doodle dogs standing on grass, named golden nugget and rudy, with their names and a website caption above them.
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Meet the Parents

Quality Breeding Starts With the Parents, and Ours Are Top-Notch

Welcome to the Ranch!

Curious about Doodles? We cannot wait to tell you about our doodles!

Our puppies are from two excellent, well-tested family pets. We use sires that are family dogs like ours. Their weights and heights will vary depending on the parents – and temperaments will always be ready to join you and your family.

Ours is a family affair; we are not a "puppy farm." We are committed to every puppy born in our home and take excellent care of the newest members of our family from their first day.

Our Doodle Moms live in our home, and our puppies are born in our home, interacting with us and receiving love and care from us every day. By the time they are ready to go home with you, they will be used to children and other dogs and ready to go home and be a valuable member of your family. This, we believe, contributes to our health screening and testing to produce excellent socialization and affectionate, happy puppies for you and, hopefully, many long years together.

We take great pride in our puppies, and we love sharing information about these wonderful Labradoodles.


A group of labradoodle puppies that are from a dish.
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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are so confident you'll be satisfied as we provide a full two-year guarantee with all our puppies.

I was really impressed with how quickly we were able to get him potty-trained. 🙂 Thanks again for the great dog!

Mackenzie B.

I don't think you could find a more conscientious breeder, and it will be well worth going that extra mile for your puppy.


I wholeheartedly recommend a Labradoodle from Doodle Ranch.


Very knowledgeable and friendly. Amazing doodles ❤️

Andrea J.

Two dogs, one a puppy and the other an adult, are nose-to-nose in a gentle interaction.

Doodle Puppies

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Four doodle dogs named harrison, luna, rudy, and golden nugget, each pictured individually.

Doodle Parents

All our puppies come from high-quality doodle parents.

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