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We've been breeding Labradoodles and Goldendoodles since 2003.
Over the years, as the Labradoodle Ranch has grown and established our breeding program, we committed to NEVER allow our dogs to experience "Chain link and concrete". Not that chain link and concrete is inherently evil, we simply chose to take another route in our path to breeding quality Labradoodles and Goldendoodles. This commitment required us to grow our Ranch more slowly and in a unique way.

You see, each of our breeding dogs are members of loving families, living in a home with people, warm love, and care. We breed our dogs carefully and thoughtfully one at a time, to raise the pups with individual care and love. Each litter of pups are born in our home, where we dwell. The pups are raised in our house with the sights, sounds and smells of a human dwelling and family activities. This makes our pups most socialized to human contact. The pups are held and played with every day from the moment of birth and are most trusting when held in human arms. This makes these puppies more attuned to human instruction and training. All they want to do is please people. For these reasons, we can say with confidence that our puppies, from the Labradoodle Ranch, are just about the best puppies that can be found that are specifically socialized for intimate family life.

So, as you might guess, we are always pleased to hear how well our puppies quickly adjust to their new families, and how much love and affection is shared all around.
We thought we'd share some of the comments we received after the puppies went to their new homes.

Enjoy! (We sure do!)

Feb 17, 2016

Just wanted you to see Champ. Love him so much and such a good boy!



February, 2012
Hi Maureen,
I wanted to let you know what a great friend Bo'f has become to me.

He is smart, loving, and most of all, well behaved. I took him for nail trim last week, and again, I got complements and picture taking about his behavior.
He is calm, quiet and majestic.
His big powerful stance shuns away aggressive manner from other dogs -

I always tell him how proud I am of him...
You remember him as Bo ' the Wook"

Dan and Therese S. in San Carlos California

Bo the Wookie at the Vet, getting the "Okeedokee" to
travel to California.

Bo playing California Beach boy with his favorite California Girl

Bo on his throne with his buddy.

Bo sporting his latest grooming.
(Good lookin' fella!)

December 23, 2011

I was brought up in a house without animals and my husband's family was just the opposite and had animals of all kinds. When we got married, he was persistent about wanting a dog. Eight years and two children later, he finally twisted my arm. Being allergic and having never had a dog before I was very hesitant, but started to do some research about Labradoodles.
I met Maureen and Labradoodle Ranch online when I posted some general questions about the breed. Maureen gave me some of the most honest and thorough answers and quickly became a fabulous resource as I searched for a breeder close to my Massachusetts home. During the search, Labradoodle Ranch's Chloe gave birth to a litter. With Maureen and the puppies being so far away I did not consider bringing one of them into our home all the way from Colorado. Of course when I got pictures of the litter I couldn't pass up on Maureen's offer to personally deliver our puppy. Best decision my family has ever made!!!
We welcomed Jax into our home in February 2011. At eight weeks old Maureen traveled via plane, with Jax as a "carry on" so that he did not have to be crated. He came with toys, food, blankets... everything he needed so he was comfortable with the transition. It was clear he was raised in a loving home! Jax was and still is easily trainable (he was house broken after only a week), he is adventurous and very affectionate. Our family has been made complete with the addition of Jax!!!

Jennifer, Boston Mass.

June 9, 2011

I think our dog, Ariel, must be the most loving, faithful, friendly & well behaved dog ever born. She is a joy to have. She loves to hike with us. She runs through the woods like she's a race horse in the morning. She greets me at the door after work. She sits with us when we work in the yard.
It's a love affair all around.

Fred & Maureen H. CO.


November 8, 2010

We can't believe that it has been 6 months since we took Charlie home! Not a day goes by that one of the kids doesn't say, "I'm glad we picked Charlie!" It wasn't an easy choice. Each of the ten pups was playful and adorable. It was clear that they had been well socialized at 8 weeks. Maureen at Labradoodle Ranch knew each pup's personality and gave us very thoughtful advice and guidance in choosing the right pup for our family. Charlie is our first dog, and Maureen has always been just an e-mail away whenever I needed advice or had concerns about raising or caring for Charlie. He is extremely smart and loving, an has been a breeze to house-break and to train. People constantly comment on how beautiful he is and how well behaved he is for such a young pup. He is a perfect family dog and never fails to make us laugh. He gets along with all the dogs on the block! Labradoodle Ranch breeds wonderful Goldendoodles!
Ann R., Colorado Springs =

Don't you just LOVE that crooked little smile?

Charlie at play

Charlie, contemplating some rest time

October 12, 2010

Hi Maureen,
I just wanted to let you know how happy we are to have Finn. I could not have imagined just how much joy he has brought into our lives. We want to thank you for all of your patience and being so helpful from when we first decided to get a puppy to even after we brought him home. Finn is everything we could have hoped for and more. Finn is smart, happy, very easy to train, loving and truly a wonderful dog.
To anyone wanting a special pal/friend/companion in your life that is smart, friendly, non-shedding and ridiculously adorable, I whole-heartedly recommend a Labradoodle from Labradoodle Ranch.
Thank you so much & we're looking forward to the next Doodle Romp!
~Amanda & Kevin (and Finn)!


Finn at rest

August 24, 2010

We are so happy with the new additions to our family.
We said good bye to all of our precious dogs, we lost one a year for 4 years. So getting Chewy and Murphy brightened our lives and has given us many laughs. Working with Maureen was so easy and we felt like family. The dogs are beautiful and very easily trained. Our eight year old son managed to train them to sit and lay down in only a couple of days, he was very proud of that feat!
The Hirman Family

A "Best Friend" for two boys...Shhhh..

Chewy and Murphy

August 29, 2010

Hi Maureen,
I can't believe he is already 5 months old. I've attached few recent pictures.
He is such a wonderful dog and we have been having so much fun with him. He is so sweet and overall (he has his puppy moments) very well behaved! He has been doing great with his training and we are very proud. I was really impressed with how quickly we were able to get him potty trained. :)
Thanks again for the great dog!
Mackenzie B.

Sully says "Merry Christmas!"

April 29, 2012

This is Parker.
He is 8 yrs old. He is spoiled, has his own bedroom and is king of our house.
Thought you might want to see him after all these years.
We love him dearly.

Tim, Cindy and josh

King of his realm...


Wanted to let anyone who may be planning on adding a labradoodle or maybe a goldendoodle to your family you have to check out the breeder I happened up on in Okemos Michigan. My husband and I were there a year ago and met Maureen and John. We were visiting from California. I had been looking for a puppy for a therapy pet for others. Little did I realize I had found the perfect breed and breeder. We stopped by on the way to the airport to visit and see some puppies. Their puppies are whelped and raised in the house. Well taken care of and part of the family. I fell in love in a short minute.
I flew back in January to pick up my goldendoodle. Maureen kept me supplied with pictures and progress all the while. This was my decision to pick him up and have him with me.
Maureen has this process down so that you and the puppies are stress free. They also ship or will personally deliver your puppy for the airplane fare. You will get a certificate showing they have been tested for progressive retinal atrophy and are free of this, they are already micro-chipped and had all the vaccines to get them started.
My Luke is well on his way to being a therapy dog. He's also a great pet and fits right in with family.
Thanks' to Maureen and John there will always have a doodle in my household from their ranch. I don't think you could find a more conscientious breeder and will be well worth going that extra mile for a your puppy.

San Diego CA.

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