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We love both Goldendoodles & Labradoodles
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(Older) Puppies with training Started

We have one Miniature Australian Labradoodle Puppy

Crate trained!
Puppyshots (On schedule)
Chocolate & White 25-30# when grown

Our PRICING is listed below

Glad to tell you about the waiting list for our next litter of loving little Miniature Doodles. There is plenty of room, at this time, for those who might want to place a deposit!


We are a family first, but we love offering Family-Members to you.
We accept emails & requests to be placed on our waiting list for future litters, with NO OBLIGATION. Deposits are accepted after a confirmation of pregnancy. Puppies are chosen in the order that deposits are received.

STAY TUNED for news about projected litters, and delivery dates!
All our puppies are FABULOUS LOVERS ** they LOVE kids and other pets.**
Email me to see if you might have a new FAMILY MEMBER to take home in the near future.


We are looking for Guardians in the Mid-Michigan area.
See our Guardian Page
If you want more information about being a Guardian for one of our fine breeding Doodles please email to inquire.
It's very important to us that ALL our Doodles are Family Members FIRST and breeding dogs SECOND.

We set the price on each puppy based on its coat, and color.
Offering F1b or F3 (2nd or 3rd generations): We do NOT raise our price for Australian or multigen (AL) puppies!

- F2 or Multigen Labradoodle puppies $2800 for Solid Colors or Abstract, Any Size.

- Parti, Phantom and Rare markings are priced at $3000 - $3200

- Goldendoodle Puppies are $2800 / $3200 solid/Parti all sizes

- Deposit still $500 gives you option to choose either at choosing time

Occasionally in any litter of Doodle Ranch puppies we may find one or two puppies who appear to have a scruffy, potentially shedding component to their coats. Those scruffy coated puppies, for people who might not mind some shedding are priced lower, starting at:

- $1750 - $1850 for Standards, Miniatures and Partis.

This would all be known before choosing your puppy, so you could use price as a factor if you choose. Price is based on coat & color, set at 6wks old, the time of choosing and reserving your specific puppy with our signed contract. If we have rare markings in the scruffy coats we'll set prices at that time, and you are welcome to ask when choosing your puppy.

"Alexis" is an example of what I call a scruffy, or f1-type of coat. If there are any puppies with this coat, at 6wks old, their price is adjusted accordingly.

Email me for the full procedure of reserving a puppy prior to taking one home.
Adopting a puppy is a wonderful commitment, but a commitment nonetheless.
These dogs have an 11-14yr. year life expectancy.
All puppies, before leaving us have received the following:

* 1st Shots
* De-wormings
* 2 year Health Guarantee
* Health & Vaccination Record
* Puppy Housebreaking Guide
* Training Primer
* Copy of Purchase/Contract
* Proof of Genetic Screening and/or Testing
* Microchip

We enjoy creating a Puppy Pack! IN ADDITION you will receive:

** Premium, Grain-Free food, enough for several Days
** A nutritious Glucosamine-rich chewy treat
** Leash
** Other helpful items
** A blanket the puppies have used since birth for their bed

By initially using familiar food and blanket, you will ease the adjustment to a new home and scents.

For the sake of responsible pet owndership, all our puppies are sold with a spay/neuter requirement in our Purchase Agreement. This helps us do our part in fighting the problem of pet-overpopulation and irresponsible breeding practices. If you are interested in learning more about breeding, please let us know so we can work together towards practicing responsible breeding.

If you believe that a Labradoodle or Goldendoodle would be the perfect addition to your family, please let us send you a copy of our Purchase Agreement.

We have helped our young puppies find new families all over the country. State Law and our strong moral beliefs require us to keep the puppies together in their litter to the age of 8 weeks old. If you are not able to personally pick up your newest family member, shipping OR delivery are available. The cost of transporting your puppy will typically cost $450 per puppy via airline cargo. If you want DELIVERY we offer delivery service as an optional service. I will personally bring your puppy to your nearest airport if possible. The cost of an airline delivery is roughly $450 or actual expenses and is pre-paid.

We are committed to every puppy born in our home. In the event that a new owner cannot for some reason keep their dog, we would like to be the first one contacted to assist and do whatever we can to help in finding a new home, including the possibility of welcoming that dog back into our home.

Our dogs are socialized in our family setting. All of our puppies receive love and care from everyone in the family. By the time they are ready to go home with you, they will be used to children and other dogs, (or cats) and ready to go home and be a valuable member of your family. The dogs are treated as family, and are included in our daily routines.

Playful "Binion" is turning SILVER or "Blue" - a slate-gray color as he matures

All our puppies are loved on and interact with our family from birth! They're very family-oriented and comfortable with other pets, too.

If you would like to reserve a future puppy or take home one of our current precious babies, email so we connect and get to know each other.
Email us for more info.

We are proud and honored to be in the Goldendoodle & Labradoodle PREMIUM BREEDERS LIST